Hi, I'm Aju Tamang

Hi there, DevOps Engineer at Innovate Tech. A history buff and momo lover unconditionally. I'm a huge fan of Kelsey Hightower and am mostly interested in designing a highly scalable system with the perspective of security.

The main motive of my blog is to share insightful contents that I had learned and experienced in the tech industry. I love sharing knowledge and being a tech speaker at different programs. I mainly focus on channeling my skills into open source projects and sharing it with the community by mentoring, creating POCS, running workshops, writing blogs to help make the world a better and more developed place.

If you have an opinion or update to any post on my website, please share your thought within the comments. I believe in sharing thoughts, ideas, and criticisms in the context of the post so that everyone learns and everyone can contribute. Please keep your comments civil and professional. For any queries just send DM me at the @pylang2 twitter . I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Contact me with @pylang2 twitter or ajutamang10@outlook.com if you'd like to advertise on this blog. I'm open to creative ideas for advertising, as long as the idea is within reason. Some advertisements are set via Amazon affiliate. Sponsored posts and giveaways are judged on a per-case basis. I'll get back to you as soon as possible