Hey, I’m Aju 👋 . I’ve been building, breaking, revamping, and writing on CSaju since 2019. CSaju’s goal is to spread knowledge and I believe Knowledge will make you free. I’m glad to play a minor role in changing the lives of people’s life via this blog. I love to write and hope one day to write a book.

For my contributions to the Cloud ecosystem, I was honored by being given the title of AWS Community builder by Amazon in 2021. Probably the youngest community builder from Nepal who has been advocating for the AWS ecosystem and helping out the people who are a beginner to the cloud. I’ve previously worked at Insight workshop,Techkraft, ESR Tech,Innovatetech, and much earlier building a CSaju. You can learn about my open-source work, side projects, and list of my tech talks on community. I did podcasting named as Tech Talk with Aju too and initiated a monthly SRE/DevOps newsletter.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, dancing, and exploring historical monuments. Before coming into tech, I have exposure to dancing, painting and athletics. I hope to contribute to a society that values community and brings up good changes for the incoming generation.

Opensource and side projects

  • Kubernetes for Everyone: A Kubernetes hacking challenge for DevOps/SRE enthusiasts crossed over 12,0000 participants.
  • Kube-gchat: Kubernetes chatbot to fetch out the kubernetes resources on Google Hangout message.
  • Golang with me: I started golangwithme to help everyone out there to understand Go and its whole ecosystem. I learn and share with the community. Happy Learning


  • Cloud computing with AWS at Bernhardth College - 2022
  • Message broker with Python 101 at Python User Group Nepal Meetup - Sep, 2020
  • Git and Github Funshop at Bhaktapur Multiple Campus - 2020
  • Getting started with Hugo at Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology - 2019
  • Web Development Career at Sushma Godawari College - 2019

Connect with me

I love connecting and chatting about tech, careers and everything in between find me on Twitter and Linkedin.

I’m also available to help out to launch your startup, perform penetration testing, provide a DevOps service, and technical training as well.

Support to CSaju

If you enjoy reading my blogs, consider to support the work that I do, I have a BuyMeCoffee , thanks! ❤️. Your support is very much appreciated.

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