The 5 lessons I learned from techwebinarnepal

One of the tech webinar series of nepal hosted by passionate Nepali tech admirer. Here are the few lessons I had learned from techwebinarnepal.

During my journey in technology stuff, I used to involve in many tech events. And I wanted to learn from them. And yes still I am doing it but I choose interest one. Sooner I hope I will also give back to the community that helps me in my tech career. Oops, I forget the topic that I am going to write. Ok, let’s focus on the topic of what today is. Back in high school, I forgot the senior name who told me about techWebinarnepal but somehow I heard and went to youtube and watch the content.

It was gratifying, I have watched about the todo app built using react-native. And yes it is still there. Wait, am I introduce the new youtube channel, no way that’s not.

It’s a unique one that I have attended this webinar online. techWebinarNepal is a free webinar series hosted by passionate Nepali tech admirer. It was founded by Jay Raj Mishra in 2018. Every month the techwebinarNepal searches for new expertise that sparked hundreds & thousands of students, developers who are working on real-world track schemes so that they can bestow their expertise with others. It’s a great platform to market and show your skills to the tech industry.

The audience can be anyone likely involving in tech. The webinar is conducting every month and I still love to watch and learn. I also recommended every tech enthusiast to attend online this webinar and learn from the tech professionals. Wait, don’t make a compliment that I don’t have time to watch this webinar. You can watch Netflix series and play pubg or something else, can’t you manage some few hours to attend this webinar to learn and grow your self. and one more thing, you can get some swags too from this webinar. It’s gonna be randomly but luckily you will get swags to trust me, I have been gone through it. Through my experience that I learned from techWebinarNepal was awesome and worth too. Let me share things I learned so far from techWebinarNepal.

One of the tech speakers was Justing Levine. The topic was about how to stay competitive. He is currently a full-stack developer using Vue Js, Quazar, Nodejs, MongoDB, and a lot more. During the initial talk, he shared about his journey about how he started his programming. It was awesome to hear about his initial journey in programming. I was surprised he started programming at the age of 11 years. I thought omg, but it was the truth. But at the age of 11 years, I was an artist later I switched to tech. I also didn’t learn anything stuff related to tech before coming to technology. This cycle everyone follows before coming into tech.

One of the most valuable lessons he gave was that don’t compete, collaborate to work. This stuck in my head when I go through hackathons and many competitions.

I’m also going to MLH hackathon this upcoming week hope I will do something valuable. Yeah, I have seen a lot of friends and developers who work alone and build the awesome product but that’s only the way how developers do. What we truly need is teamwork with different roles of tech professionals. If we collaborate with various people, then we can finally get the most relevant product and finally completed the project successfully. Yeah, I knew a single developer can also do such things but working with team members and accomplishing a particular project is really worth and more fruitful.

There is no such thing as world domination but can capture a continent in the tech world. Let’s say an example, Angular won’t capture all the developers in the world in frontend project. But it can be the majority. Whenever you are learning any framework, it’s not a waste of time it’s an investment that you do in your tech career.

And another speaker that I had attended webinar was Akash Adhikari. The topic was about using data science in the real world. He is a data scientist at a tootle startup company having a similar product like uber in Nepal. He shared about what actually is data science? Data science is all about asking about the right kind of question on data rather than trying to find a statistical answer.

One of the things that he shared about what data science was data scientists are better statistician than software engineer and better at software engineer than any statistician. This above sentence really excites me. I learned that you can use python or R for preferring a language in a data science career. I found that talk really fascinating and awesome. TechWebinarNepal is a team of tech professionals. You can get lots of opportunities too. I have given a few links below that you can follow this techwebinarNepal. TechWebinarNepal is awesome and I would like to say just give a taste in this tech series.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

Wanna connect and attend techWebinar. Then you can visit the below links.


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