Troubleshoot and automate to fix your k8s Application

Ever wonder why pods crash infinitely and have to describe, check the events, logs, and figure out the issues?

Let's learn Docker

Containers have already existed before docker came into the market and now it's being made popular, thanks to Docker. Docker uses a client-server architecture where the client talks to the server (Docker daemon) for managing the container lifecycle.

Exploitation and prevention of enabled XMLRPC

There might be a few questions that come into your mind about what XMLRPC is? Is it an XML parser or maybe anything else? Let's remove that confusion that we possess right now if you are unknown about it.

Blogging for software developers

Having a blog is a big part of having an online presence. Yes, it's a really big part and it stands out to you from a crowd.

Deploying an Angular app to netlify using Gitlab CI

Netlify is a pretty cool platform to develop, build, release and host your sites, and offers you a basic free account with the benefit of putting a site to prod at no cost.

Awesome ebooks and remote jobs

Comprehensive list of awesome ebooks for developers and other professionals and remote jobs that will help you at a remote job.

Lightening talks on software development

Coffee time. Let's talk on software development and other stuff which are continoushly being buzz word in tech industry.

The 5 lessons I learned from techwebinarnepal

One of the tech webinar series of nepal hosted by passionate Nepali tech admirer. Here are the few lessons I had learned from techwebinarnepal.