Life as a Pencil

Ever think how the life relates with Pencil. The pencil wasn't about only writing.

Life as a Pencil

Pencils are never replaceable. You were a lesson that taught millions of people to learn a way of living and exposed the reality of life. It has indirectly impacted you. As a life learner, you had eventually met pencil on your road before. Little things matter when you start being closer to yourself than anyone else.

You are always you. It’s always you. Not other’s are you. Let’s appreciate the pencil and how it relates to our life. Here are my little thoughts about how the pencil is relatable to us in every moment of our life.

The pencil wasn’t about only writing. It has many purposes with its definition and tastes. When we get born, we are like a pencil with blank new paper.

But remember, no matter how fancy the outside cover of the pencil it is. There has to be lead inside it to write. The outside could have some marks, dirt, and insecurities. It’s not your fault to have it. It’s the similarities that you and pencil possess.

The lead has its purpose that it should deliver. Never underestimate the coal you have inside it. The more honest and genuine you are, the more you will be able to write the story on paper on your own.

With its time, the pencil gets shorter and shorter. Also, the chapter on the paper gets filled up. Life is just like how pencils started to write on paper. Pencil got lost while writing their own story. Sometimes, it got distracted and ended up writing others’ own stories. There will be up and down on the journey.

What’s written on the paper will also be left behind the mark. The more aging you are, the less life forgiving are. Embraced the pain and learned from the mistakes as early as possible. It wasn’t a mistake at all. It was just a little accident. The pencil must change the mindset on writing the paper or style. Sometimes, pencils fail because of the wrong paper. Sometimes it’s not just a lesson, it’s a failure too.

You are not alone. An eraser with a sharpener is there for you. But they are temporary. Life was never a pen. It was just a pencil. We do have some level of regret. Paper can’t be overwritten. It can be rewritten with an eraser. There might be some level of spots left out to improve on it. The eraser shrinks a little bit too. There won’t be an eraser at all. That’s why the eraser is small. Lastly, minimize making mistakes again causing the eraser might be runout.

As you start growing up, you have a sharpener. It’s neutral at the beginning. It’s your choice on how to make it as good or bad. To serve the pencil’s purpose, it needs to get sharpened. On the way, pencil will experience painful suffering to bear pains and sorrows. It’s like your life via suffering, building your character and personality.

The pencil will again start to write better and better. At the same time, the same sharpening process keeps on reducing the size of the pencil. The sharpening process doesn’t grow the pencil. It shrinks. Making it small each time when it is sharpened. There will be a point, you will be too sharpened, and the tip is prone to breaking while the blunt is not.

Eventually, the pencil will come to an end. So enjoy present, keep exploring and learning with writing your own story.

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