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High School Memories and Tech Milestones: A Journey of Growth

The journey through high school has been a remarkable experience, one that has left an indelible mark on my life.

High School Memories and Tech Milestones: A Journey of Growth

# Introduction

The journey through high school has been a remarkable experience, one that has left an indelible mark on my life. As I reflect upon my high school years, I am filled with a sense of gratitude for the memories made, the lessons learned, and the person I have become. From the first day of freshman year to the final steps of senior year, I have navigated a journey of self-discovery, academic challenges, and meaningful connections.

# End of Grade 10

Let’s start with grade 10. It was a great chapter, from the joys of living in a hostel to the disappointments of facing rejection, it was a rollercoaster ride. Late-night study sessions on cold nights became a norm, but it was during this time that I endured a prolonged cold, lasting for a grueling 1-2 months. I am immensely grateful to my parents and my friends who stood by me and offered their support during those difficult times. As the last day approached, tears filled our eyes, knowing that we would be going our separate ways and that things would never be the same. We wrote heartfelt messages on each other’s dresses and celebrated with a bittersweet farewell party.

# Kathmandu Journey

With every closing chapter, a new beginning awaits. We almost got 3 months of holiday breaks from grade 10. Thankfully my dad just came from vacation from the military. I embarked on a journey to Kathmandu with my dad. I decided to explore and came ktm with the motive of getting admission at St. Xavier, one of the reputed high schools in Nepal. Attending a reputed educational institution can be immensely rewarding. The environment you get exposure to like-minded people with ample opportunities will help you out there in your career and expand your horizons. Soon after arriving here, I joined one of the entrance preparation programs too. Accompanied by my father, I travel with him to various destinations and it was fun with memories.

In Nepal, connections and networking play a significant role in navigating various aspects of life. Securing rental spaces or gaining recognition and opportunities can be particularly challenging for individuals without established networks. As a young teenage person having zero background privilege with no connection, I found myself ill-prepared to face the trials of living independently in such an environment. Recognizing my apprehension, my mother also expressed her concerns, and ultimately, I decided to return to my hometown. And, I continued my same entrance preparation classes at a branch located closer to my home. Although the location of my entrance preparation classes was a bit distant from my home, about 12-13 kilometers away, it was still much closer than the valley, which was a considerable distance of 550 kilometers.

I recognized the disillusion I encountered. I wasn’t prepared at all in the hyper-competitive environment and I didn’t approach the seriousness which I did at grade 10 for entrance preparation for high school too. I travel to many places during the weekend. Everything was in a rush and realized I need a break more to come back with energy. During these three months, although I may have missed out on some specific opportunities, I firmly believe that prioritizing personal growth and choosing to study at a local reputable school was a wise decision for me. Also, my education was fully funded by the Indian government until the completion of high school from grade 1.

# Vacation before high school

After my preparation classes in the afternoon, I found myself with plenty of free time. It was during this period that the internet made its way into my home, opening up a world of possibilities. Besides tech, in the evening, I also taught new joiner dancing where I also go and learn dance for a few months. Without a clear roadmap or specific goals, I explored various subjects, learning randomly and organically. And I stumbled upon a Nepali Tech forum called Tech Sanjal. Sadly, Tech Sanjal is no longer active these days. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet the founders of Tech Sanjal, Pradip, and his partner too. We discussed the possibility of reviving the forum to continue supporting the tech community. It was a fruitful conversation filled with determination and a shared desire to give back.

I found a group of enthusiastic individuals who, like me, shared a passion for technology and had similar aspirations to grow and excel in the field. It was like a home for me. Throughout my journey on Tech Sanjal, I eagerly absorbed the wealth of references, resources, and guides generously shared by fellow members. I am forever grateful for the learning opportunities it provided.

My programming journey was a fun experience, exploring different programming languages and concepts. It was during this time that the results of my Secondary Education Examination (SEE) were announced. I had performed well academically, but the achievement came at the cost of my health, as I pushed myself relentlessly in pursuit of success. My parents were rightfully proud of me.

# Initial High school moments

I was fortunate enough to secure admission to a prestigious high school located in another district, which meant traveling a distance of approximately 12-13 kilometers from my home. The daily routine involved waking up at 4:30 in the morning, getting ready, and eagerly waiting for the bus that arrived at 5:30 am. During the summer, it wasn’t too challenging, but the winter months brought intense cold and added stress to my early mornings. However, one thing that made the wait enjoyable was indulging in “bhakka,” a snack I loved, while anticipating the arrival of the bus. Those moments were filled with a sense of excitement and fun.

There were occasions when I missed the bus by a few minutes, resulting in a slight delay. What fascinated me during those early moments in class was the opportunity to express myself through painting on the board or sharing random thoughts on the whiteboard. It was a small way to express myself and create a sense of connection within the classroom.

However, over time, my connections with my school friends began to fade. I noticed that I wasn’t invited to participate in designing Bhailo materials, which left me feeling a sense of isolation. I learned that being alone is not necessarily a negative experience, especially when compared to being with people who make you feel isolated. Slowly, the harsh reality of this situation began to sink in, and I started to face the challenges of navigating through social dynamics. It was during these moments of solitude that I began to understand the importance of self-reliance and inner strength.

Once the classes concluded around noon, I would often open up my laptop to tackle homework and assignments. In addition, I would dedicate time to coding or learning something new, further fueling my passion for knowledge and technology. These independent pursuits provided a sense of fulfillment and allowed me to explore my interests beyond the confines of the classroom.

# Career and moving on

During my childhood, I harbored a strong desire to become an artist or painter. However, as time went on, that dream gradually faded away. Perhaps I didn’t have the right platform or opportunities to truly shine in that field. Perhaps I didn’t have the right platform to showcase my talent, or maybe it simply became overshadowed by other aspirations. In grade 8, I even set aside this hobby, and it took a backseat in my life. However, with the influence of my circle and family background, I have tried to dive into a military career and eventually set back too

Given my family’s background in the military, pursuing a career in the armed forces held significant importance. My ancestors had served, and it was seen as a path of honor and upward mobility. My father, with his firsthand experience, provided me with a realistic understanding of the challenges and sacrifices involved in pursuing a career in the military. He emphasized the value of education and encouraged me to focus on academic achievements rather than starting from scratch in the military. His intention was for me to excel in education and establish a solid foundation for my future.

Starting from grade 5 to 9, I would wake up early in the morning, around 4-5 am, to engage in training activities with my friends. As time passed, two of my friends pursued a career in the British Gurkha regiment. Their choice highlighted the sacrifices and commitments required to serve in the military. While I made the decision early in high school to focus my career on education, particularly in the field of technology. I hold immense respect for those who choose the military path. Their dedication and bravery in risking their lives for the greater good of their family.

Ultimately, during my early days in high school, I made a conscious decision to prioritize education, specifically in the field of technology. I saw the potential in this domain, the love I had for it, and its long-term prospects.

Nepal faces two challenges when it comes to brain drain: the physical drain and the intellectual drain. Those who are physically fit and athletically inclined often opt to join prestigious institutions such as the British Gurkha regiment, the Singaporean military, or the Nepal Army. While it is important to note that this observation does not apply to everyone and should not be viewed as a stereotype, a significant number of individuals from the Mongol ethnic group tend to pursue this path. However, it remains uncertain how long British and Singaporean recruitment will continue, and there have been recent developments regarding India’s disclosure in this regard.

It is important to recognize that patriotism alone cannot sustain a person’s livelihood or fill an empty stomach. Certainly, serving in the Gurkhas has had a positive impact on numerous Nepali families, providing them with improved incomes, stable jobs, and the opportunity to escape poverty. These benefits may have been unattainable had they remained in Nepal. I appreciate that I have been born into such a gurkha family.

Whether one is successful in joining the Gurkhas or not, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of maintaining a balance between academic pursuits and physical fitness. Education opens doors to various opportunities and equips individuals with knowledge and skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. Meanwhile, physical fitness ensures a healthy body and mind, enabling individuals to excel in their chosen paths. It is essential to remember that personal growth and development should not be limited to any specific career path but should be pursued wholeheartedly in all aspects of life.

Breaking away from the family tradition of being a non-Gurkha and having the opportunity to pursue higher studies with the support of one’s entire family is indeed a significant milestone. It signifies the freedom to explore individual aspirations and carve a unique path in life. While becoming a Gurkha in Nepal holds immense cultural and historical significance, it is crucial to recognize that everyone has their journey to pursue, and their dreams to fulfill.

# Moments during the high school

During my high school days, I didn’t bunk classes, but I often found solace in the public stadium, where I could enjoy the fresh air and cheer with my friends early in the morning. Those moments held a special place in my heart. Additionally, I would occasionally venture out with my friends to have parties and create lasting memories together. I also took the initiative to encourage my friends who had insecurities to join in and dance at picnics, fostering a sense of inclusivity and joy.

Throughout my learning journey, I ventured into website development and faced the setback of having my website rejected by the college. However, this didn’t discourage me. I delved into learning website hosting, particularly focusing on PHP with MySQL for the backend and exploring front-end development. I utilized platforms like 000webhost and obtained a free domain from I also expanded my knowledge by learning WordPress and delving into website security, particularly in identifying vulnerabilities in PHP-based applications.

One notable experience during this journey was participating in a hackathon held in the eastern region of Nepal, with participants from various colleges. As the youngest participant at that time, I proudly represented my college alongside three of my seniors from the previous year’s undergraduate program. The hackathon spanned a week, during which we resided in a hotel and worked tirelessly to develop our project. Our creation was called “FIND-ME,” aiming to eliminate the need for constantly asking others for directions by providing users with the best store recommendations.

While Google Maps is a widely used platform for navigation and finding places, it does have limitations when it comes to providing detailed information and categorized features of local establishments. It primarily focuses on displaying the location itself rather than offering comprehensive information about nearby stores. Searching on Google Maps without knowing the name of a specific place can be challenging and may not yield accurate results.

This is where “FIND-ME” aims to differentiate itself by providing a better user experience and a Geo-Map with precise geo-locations and categorized places. It intends to bridge the gap by offering users detailed information about various establishments in their vicinity. Additionally, “FIND-ME” offers an advertising platform for businesses to promote their services, addressing one of the major challenges in the industry.

Overall, these experiences were enriching and filled with both challenges and excitement. They allowed me to explore my passion for technology, learn valuable skills, and collaborate with others to bring innovative ideas to life. During the development of “FIND-ME,” I had the opportunity to give a speech on a televised broadcast, which was an exciting experience. It allowed me to connect with many intelligent and talented students.

# Hope on Tech

Furthermore, a few months later, I organized a tech session where I introduced the students to various career opportunities in the tech industry. I firmly believe that when the new generation learns from the experiences of the previous generation, society progresses at a faster pace. Sharing knowledge and experiences whenever possible is essential.

In the journey of pursuing tech, it’s important to focus on mastering one skill at a time, like climbing one tree in a forest. However, it’s also crucial to explore other areas and broaden our horizons. Near the end of my college days, I received a generous reward of 1,000 rupees from Pessal Sir. This reward served as a significant encouragement and reinforced my belief that pursuing a tech career could be rewarding in the long run.

# Girlfriends/Crushes?

Ah, the topic of crushes and love! I must confess, dear readers, that I have yet to experience the joy of having a girlfriend. However, I must admit that I haven’t had a girlfriend thus far, even as I write this article. Instead, I have come to a point where I focus on uplifting myself. It’s important to remember, especially for young boys and girls, that if you spend all your time chasing after butterflies, they may fly away. But if you invest your time in building a beautiful garden, even if you don’t catch that one butterfly, you’ll still have your beautiful garden. It’s about cultivating a beautiful garden within ourselves, regardless of whether we find that one special person.

Building my personality, developing trust, confidence, and self-esteem are the things I choose to prioritize to uplift myself. During my college days, I did notice a few girls who seemed interested in me. Being a shy person, I found it challenging to initiate conversations. However, there was a girl from the hotel management department who approached me in the canteen and her classroom. Although I was hesitant, I ignore a few such beautiful girls. But one of my STEM another section class from the biology one eventually asked me to dance in one program. This was a new opportunity personally for me as I haven’t danced with a girl yet and I found an interesting and happily respond with yes and performed dance with her. Anyone has a birthday right there was also a moment where I remember feeling special when another girl also gave me chocolate. I don’t know what was the motive and I didn’t know her personally at that moment. It was a little bit strange. As time move on,at my birthday, which happened to be during an exam period, I returned the gesture by giving her a gift as well.

Despite these encounters, I didn’t pursue romantic relationships as I believed there was much more I needed to focus on to build my personality and become self-sufficient. However, I did make some wonderful friendships during my college years. These friendships became an important part of my journey, shaping me into the person I am today.

In the end, my focus remains on personal growth and self-discovery. While love may be a beautiful aspect of life, I believe it will find its way when the time is right. Until then, I cherish the friendships I have and continue to nurture my development.

# Planning for Undergraduate

It was during my last year of high school that I realized to pursue my tech career in Nepal. I wasn’t being manipulated either by relatives or any circle about abroad study. Hence, there was no option for me on my though to study abroad. So, I conducted extensive research on various computer science degrees and came across the choice between computer engineering and computer science. Upon examining the syllabus and the systematic process of computer engineering, I realized it didn’t align well with my future aspirations. I didn’t want to end up as a hardware engineer working on firmware. Therefore, I decided to pursue computer science, which offered a broader career perspective within the field of CS.

With my decision made to pursue a career in computer science, I set my sights on one of the government colleges in the Valley that offered a CS program. This particular college stood out from the rest due to its unique approach. The students there were not only focused on academics but also engaged in professional work and delivered tech talks at the JS conference. It was through Roshan Dai’s video from the JS conference that I gained hope that this college provided a platform for free learning, allowing ample time to invest in personal growth and explore beyond the boundaries of academia.

Motivated by this opportunity, I targeted this college with the hope of gaining admission. Moreover, the cost of attending this college was nearly negligible or even zero. All I needed to do was crack the entrance examination. Despite the presence of some politics and the absence of regular classes due to it, the environment at the college was amazing, warm, and welcoming.

Also, Kudos to Pujan Dai whom I know from Facebook. I approached him during my initial time with a cold message. Thanks, to ASCOL alumni and seniors who helped me to get into one of the prominent government colleges in Nepal. The college provided an environment that allowed students to freely explore outside the confines of academia and invest ample time in personal growth.

I successfully secured admission to this college, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my educational journey.

# Conclusion

High school was a rollercoaster ride, with its fair share of highs and lows. However, when I reflect upon those years, I am immensely grateful for the countless opportunities and cherished memories that this period of my life bestowed upon me.

From my aspirations and dreams to the struggles and triumphs, each chapter has played a vital role in shaping who I am today. I am grateful for the lessons learned, the friendships formed, and the moments of self-discovery that have enriched my path. As I step forward into the next chapter of my life, I carry with me the gratitude for the past, the excitement for the future, and the determination to embrace every opportunity that comes my way. With a grateful heart, I eagerly await what lies ahead, ready to embrace new adventures, create lasting memories, and continue to grow into the best version of myself.

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