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Scope of Bsc.CSIT in Nepal

Know the scope of Computer science and information technology course for Nepali students who wanted to make a tech career via an academic degree.

Scope of Bsc.CSIT in Nepal

Are you interested on computer science and make an excellent tech career in today’s world. Then you came up in the right place. I am sorry for those people who are not from Nepal. This article is for Nepali students to make a tech career through an academic degree.

It doesn’t mean without a degree, the person can’t make a tech career.

It’s possible through self-taught. I have met many incredible people without having a degree and have senior-level positions at tech companies.

Some of you may be confused; what the heck is CSIT or willing to pursue a bachelor’s degree after high school? Some might never heard before.

CSIT is four years Computer Science and Information Technology degree provided by Tribhuvan University. CSIT is just a tech degree where the backbone lies in Computer science. The science behind computing technology like AI, virtual reality, and many more.

# Features of CSIT !!!

  • Latest and frequently updated course required for a tech career.
  • International acceptance after csit
  • Extensive career opportunities
  • Focus on job-oriented skills in the course
  • More freedom to learn and upgrade your tech skills.

# Jobs and career in CSIT

csit jobs Well, you might be know that technology is still removing a lot of jobs in today’s world. In the same way, it comes with job opportunities and other. For example, I am not a great fan of the pubg mobile game, but people play and earn income by pushing toward gaming as a career. It has removed games that people played during the 19th century period.

On the side, it gives jobs and other opportunities to a gamer. It is impossible without technology. CSIT has a great scope in the present era and future too. But to catch up on the opportunities, you must have some requirements like soft and hard skills. Here are the jobs that you can have during a degree and after graduation.

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Full-stack Developer (mobile and web)
  • AI developer
  • Software Engineer and Developer
  • Computer scientist
  • Network Engineer
  • Algorithmist
  • IT officer (Both government and private) and Manager
  • System Administrator
  • Cyber Security Expert
  • System Analyst and System engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Technical writer and Blogger
  • Database Administrator
  • Lecturer

These jobs and opportunities are the best ones in the USA. If you are a tech student, don’t seek a job; work hard but smartly to make an opportunity and get hired.

# Eligibility

CSIT is a scientific course. Candidates must go through high school from the science faculty. Sorry for management and Arts, you cannot be enrolled. But instead of CSIT, you can still have tech skills and other computing degrees like BIT, BIM, and many more. You must have scored a minimum grade C in both class 11 and 12. For A levels, you must scored a grade D in general science.

What are the documents need to enroll in CSIT?

  • SEE Mark sheet( class 10)
  • SEE Certificate
  • SEE Character Certificate
  • Grade 11 Mark Sheet
  • Grade 12 Mark Sheet
  • High School(+2) Transcript from NEB
  • Migration Certificate from NEB
  • Provisional Certificate from NEB

If the result of grade 12 is not published by the time, fill out the form.

Go with documents up to #4. Add the documents from #5 to #8 after the result is out. But in the end, you must submit all the documents.

# Things that asked in CSIT entrance

Well, there is good news. The good news is that entrance preparation for this degree is optional (it’s not compulsory). If your academic career during high school is not good at all. I recommend you go through the entrance preparation class. Still, I said, it’s all up to you whether you wanted to take the preparation class or not.

The syllabus of the entrance includes 100 objective questions with four categories. There is no negative marking in questions too. I have shared the details on syallabus of CSIT entrance syllabus.

# Focus on key points and concepts.

To fill up the form for CSIT, you can go to any TU-affiliated college. It can be any private or government college that offers a CSIT course. The actual fee to fill up the form is about Rs.1200. But afillate colleges might take extra charges too.

# Enrolling in CSIT college?

The merit list is published based on your marks, which you scored on the entrance exam. Based on the merit list, students to procedure for the respective colleges. It has the same whole process as IOE.

I still prefer you to fill up the form from the government college unless you didn’t get time to do it there to get on the merit list. To get an admission in a government college, you must be on the merit list. If you take the form from a private college, it works on the admission process, but there will be less chance to enroll in a government college.

# Syllabus

After high school, you must look out for the syllabus of the degree in which you are interested. CSIT contain a minimum of 126 credit hours. Remember I said minimal you can still add more credit hours by studying more subject and giving exams. You will learn the fundamentals of Computer Science concepts within six semesters. The last semester is for filling industry gap skills. In the 7th semester, you must do a significant project with 100 marks, and in the 8th semester, you must do an internship in tech companies, including 200 mark.

  • Computer science fundamentals contain 75 credit hours.
  • Natural science includes six credit hours.
  • Mathematics includes 12 credit hours.
  • English has three credit hours.
  • Social science and management contain six credit hours.
  • Computer science and Information Technology includes 15 credit hours.
  • Internship and Project have nine credit hours.

# Status of CSIT and its graduates

In the past, the management of CSIT was horrible, and still improving and doing better. Results will be published within three months after you gave that exam. The community is growing and supported by seniors too. The status is good right now.

  • More than 3000 csit graduates
  • senior/junior software developers, engineers, and designers.
  • Fullstack developers(web/mobile)
  • QA engineers
  • Bank and ISP as a network engineer and system administrator
  • Startup
  • Researcher and Foreign university
  • and many more.

# Challenges

Before enrolling in CSIT

  • Late entrance exam than Engineering
  • Students are unaware of the question patterns and lack of the entrance preparation classes except for the valley.
  • Lack of scholarship schemes for able student and for economically back-warded students.

During Journey

csit scope

  • The unusual fee structure in a private college.
  • Huge lack of teachers out of the valley.
  • Lack of university and industry coordination unless you go through yourself and only a few colleges solved this problem.
  • Lack of mini-projects during the semester ends unless you do them by yourself.
  • There is a lack of motivation from the university for the student to build a tech career. Everything depends upon students more, and the student must follow their responsibilities and their goals.
  • Research opportunities are not given to CS students, which are necessary required skills to become a researcher for additional time.
  • The calendar system is not managed and well defined.

Mini or pet project is a must for students to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

# Conclusion

If you are in Nepal to land a tech job with an academic degree, then I prefer you to take BSc CSIT. BSc CSIT is an excellent course. Yeah, many problems need to get resolved. It is still getting on solving those problems related to it. If you are curious about learning technology, CSIT course might be good option.

If this course doesn’t fit or interest you, please avoid studying this course. It’s going to be hard if you seek to explore with the intention for a high income. Learn something that you are passionate about it. I hope you got an insightful message after reading this article.

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