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Ultimate resources for computer science student

Wow, wow congrats you came here to my blog. That's awesome let me tell you something what if I told you that you will learn something insightful after spending time on my blog.

Ultimate resources for computer science student

Wow, wow congrats you came here to my blog. That’s awesome let me tell you something what if I told you that you will learn something insightful after spending time on my blog. Trust me you will if you properly implement and gain the skills from the resources which I will share here in my blog. It depends on you on the above words, and make sure you implement.

Might be the first year or last year in college, no problem doesn’t matter. These resources are for you all even the high school student who is pursuing college in any field doesn’t matter. Not gonna say A sheet of paper doesn’t determine my future. But yes few resources have requirements too. You might be struggling on finding out the proper resources for learning and free stuff, this ultimate resources will solve this issue. Trust me it will and always.

But first, create your Github account. Oh, come on, if you don’t know about Github. If you have no idea about Git and Github. I have written a blog about it. Have a look but not in a mirror. Alright senpai, we have successfully learned what Git and Github are. Let’s make hands dirty to get ultimate resources.

Getting the Github Student Developer Pack. Yes getting the ultimate package that includes a lot of offers worth $200k. Oh man, that’s huge money and you are getting free. You should have a few pre-requisites. Must have Iron Man Suit Jetpack or climbed Mount Everest once in a lifetime. Ok Ok, it’s being more fun overflow right here in my brain, let’s be serious.

Few pre-requisites for Github Student Developer Pack

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate or master degree (Doesn’t matter which college you are)
  • University issued the email or any documents to prove you as a student (identity card, enrollment verification)
  • Github

Move ahead Github Education and sign in with your Github user account. As we are CS ninja aspiring warriors instead of Guru, make sure you go through Student Benefits. Now welcome to the new world where you have to fill in details about your school’s name, email address, and other stuff. Wait what if there is no available list of your college, no problem you can manually type the name and submit it. Let’s verify your identity by student ID or any enrollment verification letter along with your school’s info. Wow, we have reached the end of getting the Student developer pack, now wait for the updates of your application might take 2-3 weeks. Once you are verified, you can have enjoyed whole premium resources which I will mention a few of them.

I won’t list all the tools available because they too many, I’ll list the common and most used tools, be sure to create your account to be able to view them and all and enjoy the services while it lasts.


  • AWS Educate with $100 credit
  • Digital Ocean
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Heroku
  • Education Host


  • Canva
  • Bootstrap Studio
  • Iconscout
  • Typeform

Developer tools

  • Jetbrains
  • Gitkraken
  • Codecov
  • Travis CI


  • Tech domain
  • NameCheap

Learning resources

  • Frontend master
  • Datacamp
  • Interview cake
  • GO rails
  • Flatiron School
  • Thinkful


  • MongoDB
  • Mail gun
  • Stripe
  • Sendgrid
  • Sentry

Damm these are awesome products and resources given by Github for students. You should check it out.

# Opensource program and mentorship

Now talking about the opensource program, it’s about community and learning from each other. These open-source programs will enhance your skills and help in your career. You will also get a stipend for your contributions but hey it doesn’t mean having contributions more in the program can make you earn more money. It’s not about the money, it’s about learning and enjoys the process. There are many open-source programs and mentorship that will give you to exposure of open-source communities either it is data, cloud, Linux, or something else. Highly recommended for students to be a part of it. I will write the opensource program more deeply about its guide and how you can be a part of the opensource community.

# Campus Ambassador Programs

These are amazing programs, I would recommend students like you who need mentorship or guidance from others and a lot of exposure, resources, meet amazing people.

Let’s say you are not selected none of them, no problem it doesn’t matter which program you are and doesn’t define you, action defines who you are. Truth be told, I have applied 3 times in Microsoft Learn Ambassador and 2 times on Github Campus expert still not being selected but still, I am being the part of the tech community here in Kathmandu, Nepal, and helping out the number of students and reaching out with the seniors. The goal is to have a purpose and pursue it.

Also, I have met a lot of awesome students empowering the local tech club and community. Meet Chamod Shehanka, one of the open-source advocates and being active in the opensource community. He told me that if you don’t have any programs or clubs, that’s awesome. Wait for a second, I was like na am I being a joke here. He told me that you can create a club and empower the community and that’s how I coordinate with my friends to host an open-source event (Sagarmatha Hacktoberfest). If the opportunities didn’t knock you, you just have to make the door.

# Hackathon and competitions

Hackathon, hehe one of my favorite thing which I love to do. When I heard the first time buzzword Hackathon, I thought it was CTF which is commonly in the infosec community. But I was misunderstood, Hackathons are events (virtual or onsite) to engage computer enthusiasts to solve the issue assigned by the organizer. You are required to solve by building web apps, android apps, or anything else. At least you and your team should be built MVP for the ideas to solve it. A common question might be raise for newbie programmers, should I need to be an expert in my stack for the hackathon? No, it’s not.

Hackathon is for everyone. It’s awesome to showcase your skills within a short period and who knows sponsored companies might give you opportunities like intern or job position too if you become the winner. Hackathons come with prizes, free food, many premium services free too, and swags. There are many benefits and many reasons why you shouldn’t attend hackathons too which I will cover up in my upcoming blog.

Here is the list of a few hackathons and competitions.

Well, let’s talk about competitive programming and other competitions in general. The first thing is I am not a legendary Five-star CodeChef guru or pro-competitive programmer. I am just a normal human like you. The things which I will share are based on my experience. Competitive programming is a mind sport yes mind sport where you will hack your crush mind or your friend. Ok ok, let’s get to the point, it’s an event where participants solve algorithmic problems through writing code and able to solve it. ACM-ICPC is a dream for competitive programmers and also there are many platforms for it like CodeChef, code forces which I recommend.

Note: Competitive programming is not for everyone and it’s not for interview preparation. You can go through the leetcode for it.

We are at the end of the movie and I hope it was worth it for you to get the resources that you are facing at college time. Keep in note that this blog post will be updated from time to time as I will share my resources and experience too. I have a quick favor for you that make sure you reach this blog to your colleague by sharing. Hope this will add value to everyone who needs to learn and grow.

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