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AWS Poems from AWS Community Builder

AWS Poems from AWS Community Builder, just a simple way to understand AWS services via poems, isn't it cool ?

AWS Poems from AWS Community Builder

In the world of compute power
looking out the EC2 overall
can’t make a bet it all
for hosting it all

On reliable storage solution
s3 regins so supreme
offering backup storage inclusion
from AWS, to work an awesome dream team

Lambda, the serverless star
what an amazing platform
its a great way to run code
without having to deploy a cluster node

What a great way to save a money
also make sure your code runs funny
lambda, no server star
build your application whereever, near and far

IAM, way to create users and groups
and assign roles to them with ease
so you can control who has access
so keep our data secure with ease

AWS Cloudfront, a service so grand
helps us to deliver content to our land
it’s so fast, so why to worry
coz its makes your site serve so hurry

With kubernetes at your core
You, EKS makes deployment a breeze
Managing the containers wth fineses
and providing flexibility to please

Scaling up and down with ease
managing kubernetes with ease
so if u want ur business to thrive
so give an EKS a try

A cloud of power, a cloud of might
knowledge and full of bright
with cost saving and cloud of ease
all mighty AWS cloud to please

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